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OPEN DAILY 10:30 AM - 10 PM


Diamond Lil's is a reputable Bar and Grill.


The reputation, however, is like the lady herself - a bit bawdy, somewhat flirtatious, and guaranteed to be a good time. This is where you can order a burger and a beer, catch a game on one of the big screen TV's, or just relax by the fire. If all of this sounds tempting, come up and see her sometime.

The Legend of Diamond Lil's Lives On

Women have been shaping Deadwood's history for over 100 years and none was more shapely than Diamond Lil. But don't look for her in the history books. Diamond Lil is a fictitious character based upon the famous women of Deadwood's colorful past, such as Calamity Jane, Madam Fannie Hill, and Poker Alice.

We wanted to create a character that truly represented Deadwood. Diamond Lil is every known and unknown character rolled into one. What you get is a legend that knows how to have a good time.

The legendary times continue upstairs in the Midnight Star at Diamond Lil's Bar and Grill. The burgers, appetizers and sandwiches will tempt you; and the big screen TV's will entertain you; and the service, most certainly, will impress you. Everthing is designed to make you feel comfortable and happy, just like Lil would want.


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